Supernatural Secret Santa
I’m going to keep this short. Overall, I am running this project but the lovely spookyheathers, samanthathebookworm, and i-love-all-things-awesome are being amazing and have offered to help me out. 

What it is: everyone who enters is assigned a url. You are that person’s secret santa. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you send your person nice messages. Preferably daily but could be more or a bit less. Carry on a conversation, simply drop in with kind words, stuff like that.

How it will work:  To enter, simply reblog this post. (I ask you to please not like this as it will only complicate the assigning process) You don’t have to be following any of us, though it would be nice. Obviously, since it’s an spn secret santa, you should be a fan of the show. Your blog doesn’t have to be about supernatural but it would be nice if it was one of your fandoms. 

Open until November 22nd, 2014. You will receive your url the following week so that messages can start being sent by the first of December. Make sure your ask box is open.

If you have questions, feel free to message me about it. 

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So sad my vacations almost over…


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There’s a difference between





The fact that we all know what this means really says something about our social lives

you should all go to your blogs and hover over them

You should

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(Thank you so much queenofletters for the beautiful graphic!)

In honor if reaching 500 followers I decided to do a Tumblr Awards:

R u l e s:

  • Must be following this dean lover (hint its me!)
  • Reblog this, likes for bookmarking only
  • Must be a fandom blog, multi-fandom is okay!
  • Must hit 50 notes.
  • 1 winner + 2 runner-ups per category

A w a r d s:

  • The Dean Winchester Award- Best URL
  • The Sam Winchester Award- Nicest Blogger
  • The Castiel Award- Best Overall Blog
  • The Bobby Singer Award- Best Theme
  • The Kevin Tran Award- Best Posts
  • The Jody Mills Award- Best Updates Tab
  • The Chuck Shurley Award- Best Writer **
  • The Team Free Will Award- Best Tagging System
  • The Charlie Bradbury Award- Best Icon
  • The Impala Award- Best Original Content

W I N N E R S: 

  • +follow if not already
  • Group promo on announcement + promos whenever 
  • Spot on my updates tab
  • My eternal love and friendship

R U N N E R - U P S:

  • +follow if not already
  • Group Promo on announcement + promos on request
  • My eternal love and friendship

E X T R A S:

  • ** To be considered for The Chuck Shurley Award please submit me an example of your writing
  • Good luck everyone!!
  • Message me if you have any questions!
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Blogrates cause its the last day to enter my Tumblr Awards and cause just reached 700 followers!!


Rates will look like this:

url: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |…

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Dean Winchester ( 9x3 )

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